Infant & Toddler Swimming Lessons – Group with Parent – Ages 8 weeks to 36 months

These classes are as much for the parent as they are for the child. The child has an adult (parent or other) in the water with them at all times. This class includes an introduction to water safety and primary water skills including backfloats, submersions, rollover breathing and water play in a fun, group atmosphere.

All Guppy Classes are Combined Ages
(8 weeks to 36 months)
  • 25-Minute Classes
  • $198 per Month (First Month Prorated if Enrolling Mid-Month)
  • Monthly Tuition Includes: 1 Class per Week (4 Classes per Month)
  • Up to 10 Parent/Child Students per Class
  • Add More Classes per Week for Faster Progress
  • $35 Waitlist Registration Fee (if necessary)
  • Tight-Fitting, Non-Disposable Swim Diaper Required
Guppy Splash Skills
(8 weeks to 5 months)
  • Introduction to Water Safety Skills
  • Skin-to-Skin Child Bonding
  • Water Acclimation & Assisted Backfloats
  • Comfort & Balance in Water
  • Modified Submersions
  • Promotes Rapid Brain Development
Guppy 1 Skills
(5 to 18 Months)
  • Water Safety Skills
  • Skin-to-Skin Child Bonding
  • Comfort In & Under Water
  • Assisted Backfloats & Breath Control
  • Introduction to Submersions
  • Promotes Rapid Brain Development
Guppy 2 Skills
(18 to 36 months)
  • Advanced Water Safety Skills
  • Comfort In & Under Water
  • Independent Backfloats & Breath Control
  • Advanced Submersions
  • Independence in Water
  • Promotes Rapid Brain Development

Baby Class Availability, Schedule & Registration

All Guppy classes are perpetual and can be joined at any time in the billing cycle as the curriculum is repetitive and consistent for each class. We recommend a minimum of 2 lessons per week in perpetuity for best results. Consistent attendance will generate the routine and repetition your child needs to learn.