Infant Swim Lessons Will Help You Bond With Your Baby

Did you know that water instincts are innate? After spending months in the womb, babies have a natural affinity to water; they easily float, hold their breath, and dunk their ears in the water without anxiety. Before those instincts recede, infant swim lessons from Swimming Los Angeles Swim School are a great way to help your little one bolster them again!

What’s more, swim lessons offer a memorable way to bond with your baby for an exciting session of splashing and sensory exploration. LA’s trusted destination for baby swim lessons notes three great reasons you’ll bond with your baby in Swimming LA classes:

  • Skin-to-Skin Contact: The primal bond between parents and babies is strengthened when their skin makes contact with yours. Infant swim lessons are a perfect opportunity for skin-to-skin time with mom or dad.
  • Distraction-Free Bonding Time: Taking swimming lessons with your baby is effectively carving out some time to concentrate on each other—no laundry to fold, no dishes to wash, and your phone out of the pool and out of reach.
  • Carefree Fun: Babies are endlessly curious and excited by this big new world. Helping your little one discover new things is one of the most magical parts of parenting, and that’s what you’ll experience at Swimming LA classes with your baby.