Adult & Young Adult Swimming Lessons

Adult & Young Adult Swimming Lessons - Group Clinics - Ages 10 years & Up

We recommend all adult beginners start by taking the Level 1 Adult Learn-To-Swim Clinic. After the knowledge of this course has been learned and applied in the water, students can then move on to Level 2 successfully.

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Level 1 - Adult & Young Adult
Learn-To-Swim Clinic -
Shallow Water Basics

  • 1-Day, 3-Hour Course
  • 4-6 Students per Class
  • $249 per Student
  • Includes free silicone swim cap


Level 2 - Adult & Young Adult
Learn-To-Swim Clinic -
Deep Water Basics

  • 1-Day, 3-Hour Course
  • 4-6 Students per Class
  • $249 per Student

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How Do The 3-Hour Adult Learn-To-Swim Clinics Work?

Swimming LA is doing what might seem impossible to fearful adult non-swimmers - to teach adults how to swim in deep water in 6 hours of intimate group instruction. The 6 hours are broken into two 3-hour levels taken on separate days. We do not work on any stroke mechanics until comfort in and under the water has been achieved. Read Matt's article to learn his definition of "comfortable" in the water.

Level 1

Consists of 1 hour of interactive classroom discussion followed by 2 hours of shallow water instruction. In the first hour, we address the fear and mental part of swimming: what leads to adults being non-swimmers, staying in control, common misconceptions of swimming, physics of water and floating, sculling and breathing. In the last two hours, we'll test what we discussed in shallow water. We start with the absolute basics: walking in water, putting your face in the water, holding your breath, emptying your lungs (your tank), finding your natural front float, and finding your natural back float. Adults will also work on gliding and conserving energy in water while learning that water supports them whether shallow or deep. The goal of Level 1 is to comfortably get across a shallow 25-yard pool without stopping or standing.

Level 2

Consists of 1 hour of shallow water review and 2 hours of deep water instruction. In the first hour, we'll review the most advanced skills from Level 1 in shallow water. In the last 2 hours, we'll take those skills and apply them to deep water. We'll start to teach the semblance of proper freestyle and some treading water, but the true goal of Level 2 is to comfortably get across a deep 25-yard pool without stopping or holding the lane line. Although plenty of students have successfully taken Levels 1 & 2 on back-to-back days, we strongly suggest that students leave at least one week between Levels to practice on their own to ensure they are approaching their comfort zone prior to Level 2. Students who enroll for Levels 1 & 2 on back-to-back days and do not make sufficient progress for Level 2 will still be held to our 72-hour cancellation policy for Level 2.

For both Levels, we require a minimum of 3 students to hold a clinic and enforce a 6-student maximum.

Read the Adult Learn-To-Swim Clinic Info Packet

Why Not Start With Adult Private Swimming Lessons?

Our group clinics work because there are basic skills that every individual must master before the focus can be turned to advanced skills such as form, stroke mechanics and breathing. The first of those basic skills is addressing the fear. Forty-six percent of American adults are afraid in water over their heads when in a pool, 64% are afraid when in deep water or open water, and 39% are afraid to put their heads underwater. Swimming LA strongly encourages all adults with any fear of water to begin with our Level 1 clinic. The first hour of Level 1 is critical for adults to prepare themselves to learn comfortably and efficiently. Our philosophy in these clinics is to address your fear and then allow you the freedom to get across the pool in the manner that makes you most comfortable, regardless of form or stroke technique. Once you have achieved comfort in deep water, you can then move on to private lessons to improve your form or learn proper strokes. Learning within the group clinics should be less expensive than starting with private lessons elsewhere. Matt teaches only group clinics.

Adults in this program learn best through academic knowledge and repetition of basic skills at their own pace. With increased frequency of the skills and exercises taught in class, adults will eventually learn to stay in control and begin to enjoy the water without fear. At that point, one can start learning basic strokes, snorkeling, and even SCUBA. It all revolves around remaining calm and comfortable in deep water while staying in control.

How Long Will It Take Me To Learn?

The learning process is different for everyone, however, approximately 90% of our students who take both Levels 1 and 2 clinics (with any necessary practice on their own in between) will learn to comfortably get across a deep 25-yard pool by the end of Level 2.

It really comes down to what level you're starting from and how much time you can spend in the water. There is no substitute for time in the water. If you have the availability to practice several times per week, you will learn more quickly than those who are less persistent. Some might take as little as two weeks practicing every day while others take as long as three months practicing twice per week. Nevertheless, if adults are devoted to lessons and practice the skills on their own, they will learn in a timely manner.

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