Learn To Swim

Swimming Lessons at Swimming Los Angeles Swim School

Swimming Lessons for Infants, Babies, Toddlers & Adults


Infant & Toddler Swimming Lessons
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Students 2-35 months

Parent or other adult must accompany child in the water as these classes are as much for the parent as they are for the child. These group classes start as early as 8 weeks and are organized into 3 age groups.

1) Guppy Splash: 2 - 5 months

2) Guppy 1: 5 - 17 months

3) Guppy 2: 17 thru 35 months


Adult & Young Adult Swimming Lessons
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Students 10+ years

Classes are offered in small groups of 4-6 students and organized into two levels.

1) Level 1 Adult Learn-To-Swim Clinic: Students with any fear of deep water must start with this course

2) Level 2 Adult Learn-To-Swim Clinic: Students who can swim 25 yards in shallow water without touching the bottom or the wall. Students may not skip Level 1 and be successful in Level 2.