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For Babies, Swimming Lessons Lead to Improved Intellectual Development

Ask any young swimmer about the benefits of their chosen sport, and they’ll likely talk about stamina, strength, and overall physical fitness. But one benefit of swimming that’s seldom addressed is how it contributes to intellectual development. At Swimming Los Angeles Swim School, youngsters and parents alike learn all about the physical and intellectual benefits of...
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Video: Intellectual Benefits of Early Age Swimming

In this video below, Matt highlights some of the intellectual benefits of early age swimming:

  • According to the Griffith Study, children who start swimming at an early age may reach key learning milestones up to 15 months earlier than their non-swimming peers
  • These include key linguistic, socio-emotional, cognitive and physical milestones

Jumpstart Your Child’s Development with Infant Swim Lessons

It’s no surprise that swimming early on can improve a child’s social interaction and knowledge of water safety, but recent studies have shown that children who are swimming at an early age achieve key learning milestones up to 15 months faster than non-swimming children. It’s also very important to introduce your children to swimming at...
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Video: Starting Swim Lessons

In the video below, Matt highlights some of the ways swimming at an early age can add intellectual capital to your child and what you can do at home to help your child become more comfortable in the water. Watch more of Matt's swimming-related videos in our Parent Education section.