Intellectual Benefits of Early Age Swimming

Why Start Swimming at an Early Age? For the Intellectual Benefits.

Among the obvious motivations of social interaction, water safety and drowning prevention, a recent study out of Australia's Griffith University shows that kids who are swimming at an early age are actually achieving key learning milestones up to 15 months earlier than non-swimming children. These specific milestones include categories such as physical (motor skills), cognitive, socio-emotional and linguistic. We strongly encourage all of our parents to watch these videos and view the results of the Griffith study:

- Watch the video introducing the Griffith Study

- Watch the video explaining the results of the Griffith Study

- Read the Griffith Study Final Report

- View the CDC targets for milestones to be achieved

In the video on the left, Swimming LA Founder, Matt Harrigan, highlights some of the ways swimming at an early age can add intellectual capital to your child and what you can do at home to help your child become more comfortable in the water. Watch more of Matt's swimming-related videos.

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