About Us

Start Early, Enlighten the Parent to Enrich the Child


Swimming is Learning.

That's our philosophy at Swimming LA. We encourage parents to learn the Intellectual Benefits of Early Age Swimming. Parents should be involved in the learning process and helping their kids along at home. Swimming LA encourages the entire family in learning to swim because families that swim together raise children that are self-motivated to learn to swim.

Swimming LA is a proud life member of the United States Swim School Association and offers indoor parent/child classes for infant/toddlers and Adult Swim Lessons year round. Whether a newborn infant or an adult overcoming ancient fears, Swimming LA can assist your family with water comfort.

Learn To Swim at Swimming LA


Infant & Toddler Swimming Lessons

  • 8 weeks thru 35 months
  • Three age groups


Adult & Young Adult Swimming Lessons

  • 10+ years
  • Two beginner skill levels